NFC playoffs analysis… Can the niners or vikings make it? Who will win the nfc east?

While reading this keep in mind these are projections and what if scenarios for the Niners, Vikings and NFC East teams.

Current NFC Standings:

  1. Saints (9-2)
  2. Packers (8-3)
  3. Rams (7-4)
  4. Seahawks (7-3)
  5. Buccaneers (7-5)
  6. Cardinals (6-5)
  7. Giants (4-7)

In the Hunt:

  1. Niners (5-6)
  2. Vikings (5-6)
  3. Bears (5-6)
  4. Falcons (4-7)
  5. Washington Football Team (4-7)
  6. Lions (4-7)

Let’s look at the top 3 teams in the hunt and their next three matchups.

Niners: The next 3 matchups are: The Bills, Washington and the Cowboys. Looking at record only the Niners need to beat Washington and the Cowboys. Ideally go 2-1 in the next 3 weeks.

Vikings: The next 3 matchups are: The Jaguars, the Buccaneers and the Bears. They need to be able to go 2-1 losing only to the Buccaneers.

Bears: The next 3 matchups are: The Lions, the Texans and the Vikings. The way the Texans and Vikings are playing and how Bears have been struggling at the QB position they are likely to go 1-2. They need to go at least 2-1 to stay in the hunt.

The Cardinals have an easy schedule for the next 3 weeks and should be able to go 3-0 and be a lock. The Rams play The Cardinals, the Patriots and the Jets, the Patriots are a wildcard team that could take down the Rams but it is likely that the Rams go 2-1 in the next 3 weeks. The Rams need to go 1-2 for the Vikings or Niners to have a true shot.

Projected NFC standings going into week 16:

  1. Saints (11-3)
  2. Packers (11-3)
  3. Seahawks (11-3)
  4. Buccaneers (9-5)
  5. Cardinals (9-5)—- Next two opponents The Niners and The Rams
  6. Rams (8-6)—- Next two opponents The Seahawks and The Cardinals
  7. Giants (4-10)(all NFC East teams will be 4-10 except the Eagles at 3-9-1)—-Next two opponents The Ravens and The Cowboys

In the Hunt:

  1. Niners (7-7)—- Next two opponents The Cardinals and The Seahawks
  2. Vikings (7-7)—-Next two opponents The Saints and The Lions
  3. Bears (6-8)—- Next two opponents The Jaguars and The Packers (likely eliminated)
  4. Cowboys (4-10)—-Next two opponents The Eagles and The Giants
  5. Washington Football Team (4-10)—-Next two opponents The Panthers and The Eagles

What needs to happen for Niners to make it:

Niners are likely to get Jimmy Garoppolo and Pro Bowl TE George Kittle for week 15 and 16 and they need to hope everyone on the roster stays healthy. With that team they can take down the Cardinals and the Seahawks and go 2-0 from weeks 15-16. They also need the Rams to lose at least one game out of the Seahawks and the Cardinals which is likely as both are high powered teams. This would put the Rams and the Niners at 9-7 each and the Niners would go ahead and take their spot since they swept the Rams.

What needs to happen for Vikings to make it:

The Rams need to 0-2 and the Niners need to go 0-2 or 1-1 while the Vikings go 2-0 against the Saints and the Lions. They are likely to lose to the Saints however as they are the best team in the NFC currently. But if they clutch the 2-0 they can take the Rams spot in the playoffs.

How will the NFC East shape out?

Out of the Cowboys, the Giants and the Football Team the Football Team or the Giants have the best shot. At the end of the day however, which ever team can have the best record in these two weeks will take that spot and this team will have to go 2-0.

Projected NFC playoff record:

  1. Saints (13-3)
  2. Packers (12-4)
  3. Seahawks (12-4)
  4. Buccaneers (10-6)
  5. Cardinals (9-7)*
  6. Niners (9-7)
  7. Giants (6-10)

*If the Cardinals lose to the Rams week 13 and week 17 they could get replaced by the Rams in the playoffs.

Special scenario… 8 playoff teams?

If any game were to be canceled and their was a week 18 added due to COVID reasons (Ravens VS Steelers for example) 8 teams from the NFC and the AFC could make it and that would mean all 4 NFC West teams have a chance which would be the first time in history. This would also give the Bears and the Falcons a shot at making an attempt.

If you want to see the AFC projections comment below!


WEEK 8: Plug em in/ sit em out


Plug em in 

  • Jimmy Garoppolo (SF 49ers):
    • Divisional header versus the Seattle Seahawks who are allowing 26.4 fantasy points a game on average to opposing QBs.
    • Must win game for the Niners in the toughest division in the league. 
    • Last week Garoppolo threw two picks, one of which came with 10 secs in the half when he had to throw it deep. 
    • Jamaal Adams might still be out this week which would leave George Kittle to feast on the Seahawks weak secondary. 
  • Derrick Carr (LV Raiders):
    • Derrick Carr and the Raiders are playing a Browns team that is allowing the 4th most fantasy points to opposing QBs (21.3 avg). 
    • Ruggs is finally healthy. 
    • Agholor is stepping up.
    • Renfrow is a great 3rd down option.
    • Darren Waller. That’s it. 
    • The Raiders will be looking to win after getting blown out by the Bucs offense. 
  • Ryan Tannehill (TEN Titans):
    • The Titans will look to show out after taking their first loss of the year to the Steelers during week 7. 
    • The Titans play the Cincinnati Bengals this week.
    • The Bengals are allowing almost 20 points a game to opposing QBs. 
    • The Cincinnati Bengals also have a turnover differential of -2. 
  • Other plus: Carson Wentz (PHI Eagles), Joe Burrow (CIN Bengals), Teddy Bridgewater (CAR Panthers)

Sit em out

  • Mathew Stafford (DET Lions):
    • The Lions play the Colts this week. 
    • This is a must win for the Lions as they are in a tough division and have a shot to make the playoffs.
    • That being said, the Colts have the best defense in the league. Colts are allowing a league low 11.7 fantasy points a game to opposing QBs, 
  • Jared Goff (LA Rams): 
    • The Rams take on the Dolphins led by Tua during this week’s matchup. 
    • The Dolphins cornerback duo of Xavien Howard and Byron Jones has been allowing a mere 16.8 fantasy points to opposing QBs. 
    • Jared Goff has also been unimpressive lately.
      • In the past 4 weeks; having only 1 game over 20 points, thrown 2 interceptions and averaging 2 Tds a game. 
  • Daniel Jones (NY Giants):
    • Daniel Jones has had one game over 20 fantasy points (20.68) and that was due to his 80 yard rush. 
    • Jones has just been unimpressive this year. 
    • Jones also has a tough matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have been allowing a low 13.6 fantasy points a game to opposing QBs. 
    • The Buccaneers secondary is very tough.
  • Other sits: Tua Tagovailoa (MIA Dolphins), Drew Brees (NO Saints), Kirk Cousins (MIN Vikings)

Running Backs

Plug em in  

  • Todd Gurley (ATL Falcons):
    • Gurley might’ve choked the win for the Falcons last week but he did drop over 20 PPR fantasy points. 
    • Gurley finds himself in another favorable matchup on Thursday Night Football against the Carolina Panthers.
    • Panthers are allowing the fifth most fantasy points to opposing backs at 23.1 per game. 
  • Kareem Hunt (CLE Browns):
    • Nick Chubb and Odell Beckham Jr. are both out for the Browns.
    • Kareem Hunt will look to carry the load this week against a Raiders weak run defense. 
    • The Raiders defense is allowing the third most fantasy points to backs at 25.4 per game. 
    • Hunt has double digit points in every game except the Steelers who are very tough against backs. 
  • Jonathan Taylor (IND Colts): 
    • Jonathan Taylor hasn’t broken out like everyone thought he would. 
    • Taylor has yet to crack 20 fantasy points or go over 60% snap share. 
    • However, coming back from a bye week against an easy rushing matchups in the Detroit Lions JT will look to show out. 
    • JT also has a top 3 offensive line blocking for him, his breakout is inevitable. 
  • Other Plugs: Le’veon Bell (KC Chiefs), Boston Scott (PHI Eagles), Darrell Henderson (LA Rams)

Sit em out

  • Carlos Hyde (SEA Seahawks):
    • Chris Carson might have a shot to play this week as he is GTD.
    • Carlos Hyde is dealing with an injury of his own that makes him QUES.
    • Even if Hyde plays and Carson sits, look for Deejay Dallas to get carries as well because of Hyde’s injury.
    • The Niners Defense is also allowing a league low 12.7 fantasy points to opposing backs. 
  • JK Dobbins (BAL Ravens):
    • Mark Ingram might be out this week and we might finally see the Dobbins show.
    • But Gus Edwards will liley take all the goal line work and split some of the first down work. 
    • Dobbins also faces a Steelers defense allowing the third least points to backs at 13.4 per game. 
    • This game is likely to be a shootout as well. 
  • Chargers RBs:
    • Justin Jackson and Joshua Kelley are splitting running back duties 50/50.
    • Neither of the backs have stepped up in Austin Ekeler’s absence. 
    • To make matters worse, the Chargers play a Denver defense allowing the second least points to backs at 12.7 per game. 
  • Other sits: Latavius Murray (NO Saints), D’andre Swift (DET Lions), Ezekiel Elliot (DAL Cowboys)

Wide receivers 

Plug em in 

  • Robby Anderson (CAR Panthers):
    • DJ Moore is also a great start, as well as Curtis Samuel in deeper leagues. 
    • Divisional header and a must win for the Panthers in a tough division. 
    • Falcons are allowing 29.6 fantasy points per game to opposing WRs which is the fifth highest in the league. 
    • Thursday night primetime matchup.
    • Anderson has double digit points every game this year and only two games with less than 8 targets. 
  • Travis Fulgham (PHI Eagles):
    • Jalen Raegor is a great sleeper option this week as well.
    • Desean Jackson is out and Alshon Jeffery is questionable. It might go down to Fulgham season once again. 
    • In these 4 games, Fulgham has gotten 13.70, 31.20, 19.50 and 12.30 fantasy points respectively. To make matters even more impressive all of those showings were against top 10 secondaries. 
    • Cowboys are allowing the 4th most points to WRs this season at 30.0 points per game. 
  • Rashard Higgins (CLE Browns):
    • OBJ is out for the season and so look for Higgins to step up in his replacement. 
    • Last week after OBJ wnt down Higgins stepped up and caught 6 passes for 110 yards. 
    • Higgins has another favorable matchup against a Raiders defense allowing 27.2 fantasy points per game. 
    • The Raiders have allowed a 100 yard receiver every week since week 4. 
  • Other plugs: Tee Higgins (CIN Bengals), Brandon Aiyuk (SF Niners), Marquise Brown (BAL Ravens)

Sit em out

  • Robert Woods (LA Rams):
    • Robert Woods has shown a tendency to be locked down in tough matchups as well. 29 yards against Jason Verrett, 22 yards against Fuller, 36 yards against James Bradberry and 14 yards against Darius Slay. 
    • Robert woods finds himself in another tough matchup against the Dolphins secondary. 
    • The Dolphins are allowing 23.0 fantasy points to WRs but with everyone fully healthy and the CB duo of Byron Jones and Xavien Howards Woods will struggle. 
  • DK Metcalf (SEA Seahawks):
    • Jason Verrett is currently a top 3 cornerback in the league. 
    • Last week DK struggled for the first time this season against Patrick Peterson. 
    • Look for the Niners to to gamescript DK and Lockett out this week since Kuan Williams is also returning from IR. 
    • Tartt and Ward might also make a return this week for the Niners. 
    • The Niners are allowing the 4th least points to WRs at 18.8. 
  • JuJu Smith-Shuster (PIT Steelers): 
    • Juju finally woke up last week and had a great performance. 
    • This week the Steelers play a Ravens defense allowing a mere 19.5 fantasy points to backs which is the 6th least in the league. 
    • Big Ben has also found his favorite target in Dionte Johnson. 
  • Other sits: Preston Williams (MIA Dolphins), Julio Jones (ATL Falcons), Denzel Mims (NY Jets)

Tight ends

Plug em in 

  • Jonnu Smith (TEN Titans):
    • Jonnu Smith has a great matchup this week.
    • Jonnu scored less two weeks ago due to an injury he suffered early. He struggled last week because he had a tough matchup. 
    • Jonnu is still a top 10 tight end in the league. 
    • The Bengals are allowing the third most points to opposing tight ends.
  • Richard Rodgers (PHI Eagles):
    • Rodgers stepped up in the absence of Ertz and Goedert last week catching 6 passes for 85 yards and was a few yards away from a TD. 
    • If Goedert is out again this week, start Rodgers. 
    • Rodgers faces a Dallas defense allowing the 8th most points to opposing tight ends. 
  • Other plugs: Jimmy Graham (CHI Bears), Drew Sample (CIN Bengals)

Sit em out

  • Mark Andrews (BAL Ravens): 
    • The only reason Andrews is a reliable start is because he is a TD machine. 
    • Other than that he sees 3-5 targets most games. Lamar doesn’t throw enough.
    • Andrews plays a Pittsburgh team allowing the 4th least points to tight ends. 
  • TJ Hockenson (DET Lions): 
    • Hockenson plays the Colts this week, the toughest defense against tight ends allowing a league low 2.3 points per game.
  • Other sits: Trey Burton (IND Colts), Tyler Higbee/Gerald Everett (LA Rams)


Plug em in 

  • KC Chiefs D/ST
  • LA Rams D/ST

Sleeper pick

  • Bills D/ST
  • Chargers D/ST

Desperate pick

  • Colts D/ST
  • Titans D/ST

Sit em out

  • Niners D/ST
  • Bears D/ST

week 3: game by game starts/flexes/sits

Game by Game Starts/flexes/sits

Start= Solid start.

Flex= Be wary, try to replace but isn’t the worst start.

Sit= Do not start.

Game 1: Dolphins VS Jaguars

  • Gardner Minshew: Start
  • D.J. Chark: Start
  • James Robinson: Start
  • Keela Cole: Flex 
  • Lavishka Shelnut Jr.: Flex
  • Devante Parker: Start
  • Preston Williams: Flex
  • Mike Gesicki: Start
  • Myles Gaskins: Flex
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick: Flex 

Game 2: Browns VS Washington

  • Baker Mayfield: Sit 
  • Odell Beckham Jr.: Start
  • Jarvis Landry: Flex
  • Nick Chubb: Start
  • Austin Hooper: Sit
  • Kareem Hunt: Flex
  • Terry McLaurin: Start
  • Dwayne Haskins: Sit
  • Antonio Gibson: Flex 
  • Logan Thomas: Start (Browns have been exposed be TEs, same with last year)

Game 3: Raiders VS Patriots 

  • Josh Jacobs: Start
  • Henry Ruggs: Flex 
  • Bryan Edwards: Sit
  • Darren Waller: Start
  • Cam Newton: Start 
  • Julian Edelman: Start
  • Sony Michel : Sit
  • Kneal Harry: Flex 

Game 4: Titans VS Vikings

  • Ryan Tannehill: Flex
  • AJ Brown: Flex
  • Corey Davis: Flex  
  • Jonnu Smith: Start
  • Derrick Henry: Start 
  • Adam Thielen: Start 
  • Justin Jefferson: Sit
  • Dalvin Cook: Start
  • Kirk Cousins: Sit
  • Kyle Rudolph: Sit

Game 5: Niners VS Giants

  • Jimmy Garoppolo/Nick Mullens: Start/ Sit
  • Jerrick Mckinnon: Start
  • George Kittle/ Jordan Reed: Start/ Start
  • Niners WRs: Sit
  • Daniel Jones: Start
  • Golden Tate III: Sit
  • Sterling Shepard: Flex
  • Giants RBs: Sit
  • Darius Slayton: Start (Start now that shepard is hurt)
  • Evan Engram : Start

Game 6: Bengals VS Eagles

  • Joe Burrow: Start
  • Joe Mixon: Start
  • Sample: Start (Flex, wait for further usage unless absolutely needed)
  • AJ Green: Flex
  • Tyler Boyd: Start
  • Desean Jackson: Start
  • Miles Sanders: Start
  • Zach Ertz: Start
  • Dallas Goedert: Flex
  • Carson Wentz: Start
  • Jalen Raegor: Flex

Game 7: Bears VS Falcons 

  • Matt Ryan: Start
  • Todd Gurley: Flex
  • Julio Jones: Start
  • Calvin Ridley: Start
  • Russell Gage: Flex
  • Hayden Hurst: Flex
  • Allen Robinson: Start
  • Anthony Miller: Flex
  • Mitchell Trubisky: Start
  • David Montgomery: Start
  • Tarik Cohen: Sit

Game 8: Rams VS Bills

  • Jared Goff: Start
  • Malcolm Brown/ Darrell Henderson: Start 
  • Robert Woods: Start
  • Cooper Kupp: Start
  • Tyler Higbee: Start
  • Josh Allen: Start 
  • John Brown: Start
  • Bill’s Backfield: Flex
  • Stefon Diggs: Flex

Game 9: Texans VS Steelers

  • Ben Roethlisberger: Start
  • James Connor: Start
  • Benny Snell Jr.: Sit
  • Juju Smith-Schuster: Start
  • Dionte Johnson: Start
  • Eric Ebron: Sit
  • David Johnson: Flex
  • Brandin Cooks: Flex (Start if Will Fuller is inactive)
  • Deshaun Watson: Start
  • Will Fuller V: Flex
  • Duke Johnson: Sit

Game 10: Panthers VS Chargers

  • Austin Ekeler: Start
  • Joshua Kelley: Flex
  • Keenan Allen: Start
  • Hunter Henry: Start 
  • Tyrod Taylor: Flex
  • Mike Davis: Flex
  • D.J. Moore: Flex
  • Curtis Samuel: Sit
  • Robby Anderson: Flex

Game 11: Cowboys VS Seahawks

  • Dak Prescott: Start
  • Amari Cooper: Start
  • Michael Gallup: Start
  • CeeDee Lamb: Start
  • Ezekiel Elliot: Start
  • Dalton Shultz: Start
  • Chris Carson: Flex 
  • Russell Wilson: Start
  • D.K. Metcalf: Start
  • Tyler Lockett : Start

Game 12: Jets VS Colts

  • Sam Darnold: Sit
  • Jets Rbs: Sit
  • Jamison Crowder: Start 
  • Chris Herndon: Flex
  • Chris Hogan: Start if Crowder is out otherwise Siit (Flex not start)
  • Johnathan Taylor: Start
  • Nyheim Hines: Flex
  • Philip Rivers: Start
  • T.Y. Hilton: Start
  • Michael Pittman Jr.: Flex

Game 13: Lions VS Cardinals

  • Matthew Stafford: Start
  • Kenny Golladay: Start
  • Marvin Jones: Flex
  • D’andre Swift: Start
  • Adrian Peterson/ Kerryon Johnson: Sit
  • Kenyan Drake: Start (RB2-RB3 fringe)
  • Kyler Murray: Start
  • DeAndre Hopkins: Start
  • Christian Kirk: Flex

Game 14: Buccaneers VS Broncos

  • Tom Brady: Start
  • Chris Godwin: Start
  • Mike Evans: Start
  • Leonard Fournette: Start
  • Bucs TEs: Sit
  • Jeff Driskell: Sit
  • Melvin Gordon: Flex
  • Phillip Lindsey: Flex (Watch Injury Report)
  • Jerry Jeudy: Flex
  • Noah Fant: Start

Game 15: Packers VS Saints

  • Aaron Jones: Start
  • Aaron Rodgers: Start 
  • Allen Lazard: Flex
  • Davante Adams: Start
  • MVS: (Flex for deeper leagues)
  • Drew Brees: Start
  • Trequon Smith: flex
  • Emmanuel Sanders: Sit
  • Alvin Kamara: Start
  • Jared Cook: Start

Game 16: Chiefs VS Ravens 

  • Patrick Mahomes: Start
  • Tyreek Hill: Start
  • CEH: Start
  • Travis Kelce: Start
  • Sammy Watkins: Flex
  • Mecole Hardman: Sit
  • Lamar Jackson: Start
  • Marquise Brown: Start
  • JK Dobbins: Flex
  • Mark Ingram: Flex 
  • Mark Andrews: Start

Week 2 Plug Em In/ Sit Em Out

Week 2 is upon us! Week 1 was definitely a weird one with all the injuries and the surprising backfield snap percentages. Mainly I believe that due to no preseason, players are being eased into the offense and as the weeks progress we should see an increase in snap percentages. Without further ado let’s get into this weeks plug em and sit em’s!


Plug em in

  • Jared Goff (LA Rams): Goff had a great game against a stellar Cowboys defense, throwing for 275 yards on 20 completions. Malcolm Brown got both the touchdowns resulting to a low fantasy game for Goff. This week Goff is up against a very weak Eagles defense that blew a 17-0 lead to Dwayne Haskins. I’d expect Goff to air out this very weak Eagles defense that might be without DE Barrnet this week.

  • Tom Brady (TB Buccaneers): Brady had a poor first half against the Saints last week, he had trouble getting anything going. His main target, Mike Evans, was shut out by a very good Saints defense. This week, Brady is up against a Panthers defense that allowed Derrick Carr to throw for 239 yards and drop 34 points during week 1. With Evans back in the mix, I would expect this to be a blowout by the Bucs and Brady to take advantage of this week defense and regain his hype.

  • Mathew Stafford (DET Lions): Mathew Stafford looked great week 1 against a very good Bears defense and without his favorite target, Kenny Golladay. He threw for 297 yards to TJ Hockenson and Danny Amendola. With Golladay expected to be back for the Lions and Matt Patricia desperate to win, Stafford will air out the Packers who defensively did not look great in week 1. Kirk Cousins and the Vikings dropped 34 points on the Packers defense and Adam Thielen had 6/110/2 stat line. Big day coming up for the Stafford/ Golladay duo this Sunday.

Sit em out

  • Derrick Carr (LV Raiders): Derrick Carr was able to have a nice game against a weak Panthers defense. This will not be the case this week against a good Saints secondary that picked off Brady twice and shut down Mike Evans. With a young receiver core, Carr will struggle this week against the Saints.

  • Deshaun Watson (HOU Texans): The Texans offensive line looked absolutely horrendous in the season opener against the Chiefs. This made it very hard for Watson to find his receivers. Also majority of Watsons fantasy points last week, came during garbage time when Chiefs were up by 3 scores (only had 7 points first half). Texans are against the Ravens defense in week 2 that has an even better defensive line (Derek Wolfe, Calias Cambell, Mathew Judon, Brandon Williams) than the chiefs. The Ravens shut down OBJ (3 catches for 22 yards on 10 targets) and Baker Mayfield (189 yards and 1 int) in week 1s bout against the Browns. Even with Watson’s rushing ability I would be wary of starting him his week against the Ravens.

  • Daniel Jones (NY Giants): Jones had a decent game week 1 putting up 19.36 fantasy points against the Steelers in a close game. He will have a much harder time week 2 against a Bears defense that allowed an average of 13.7 fantasy points to QBs in 2019. The Bears defense includes many big names in Tashaun Gipson, Danny Trevathan, Eddie Jackson, Kyle Fuller Roquan Smith and Khalil Mack. Jones will have a tough time this week against a strong Bears secondary.

Running Backs

Plug em in

  • Raheem Mostert (SF 49ers): Mostert was the only thing going for the 49ers offense on Sunday against the Cradinals. The surprising part was that Mostert was given goal line work as well. With a 60% snap percentage among RBs in week 1, Mostert put up 25.10 fantasy points. This week Niners are up against a Jets defense that allowed 98 rushing yards to the Bills rushers (Allen, Singletary and Moss). I am expecting a blowout game this week considering how much the Jets offense struggled against the Bills defense, Mostert should have another nice game running out the clock. Deebo Samuel is also still out with an injury which bodes well for Mostert.

  • Todd Gurley (ATL Falcons): Todd Gurley put up 13.70 fantasy points playing only 46% of the snaps for the Falcons. This low percentage may be due to the Seahawks airing it out in the first half and HC Dan Quinn wanting to rest Gurley. Quinn did mention before season started that Gurley will see 15-25 carries a game on a weekly basis. Falcons are against a Cowboys defense that maybe without Leighton Vander Esch and Sean Lee in week 2. In week 1 Cowboys also let Malcolm Brown and Cam Akers run for a 100 yards against them and let uppitiest 2 rushing TDs. Gurley should see a higher snap percentage this week against the Cowboys week run defense.

  • Jonathan Taylor (IND Colts) : Phillip Rivers loves throwing to his running backs (Austin Ekeler owners you can cry its okay), in week 1 Rivers targeted Taylor 6 times and Hines 8 times as well as Mack 3 times before he got hurt. Now with Taylor having the starting role he will see an increaser in carries and targets. Colts are also against the Vikings this week who looked decent against the run but still allowed the Packers to have 158 rushing yards (mainly due to Packers running the ball with the lead). The promising part however, is the efficiency of the Packers backs in the passing game and that is where Hines and Taylor will shine this week.

Sit em out

  • Mark Ingram (BAL Ravens): 3 headed committee in the Ravens backfield as it seems from week 1. Ingram only played 36% of the snaps and wasn’t targeted at all in the passing game. Even though the Texans defense let CEH run all over them week 1 I would be wary of starting Ingram this week just because of Dobbins and Edwards stealing carries.

  • Kenyan Drake (ARI Cardinals): This one hurt to watch week 1. Drake and Edmunds seems to be in a full on committee in the Cardinals backfield. Drake got 16 carries and Edmunds got 6 however, Drake was barely used in the passing game only getting 2 receptions. Edmunds got targeted 5 times by Murray. Cardinals running backs also have a really tough game this week against Chase Young and the talented Washington front 7. Eagles only managed 57 yards with 17 attempts against Washington. Sit Drake this week against the Washington football team

  • Melvin Gordon (DEN Broncos): Melvin Gordon owners might have gotten a steal as Phillip Lindsey is expected to miss time due to turf toe. Even then I would bench Gordon this week against a Steelers defense that shut Saquon Barley down to 6 yards on 15 carries! This Steelers defensive line is legit.

Wide Receivers

Plug em in

  • Anthony Miller (CHI Bears): Anthony Miller (4/76/1) out played Allen Robinson (5/74/0) week 1 with only 42% snap share! Nagy was easing in Miller who’s returning from a shoulder injury especially since there was no preseason. I would expect this percentage to increase going into week 2 against a very weak Giants secondary that allowed JuJu (6/69/2) and Dionte Johnson (6/57/0) to have great games. If Mitchel Trubisky can keep up his performance I would expect both Robinson and Miller to have great games.

  • Cowboys WRs (Dal Cowboys): I was reluctant of drafting Cowboys WRs due to the insane amount of talent on the field however, Dak Prescott was able to get everyone the ball. Cooper, Gallup and Lamb had 18.10, 8.00, 10.90 fantasy points respectively against a good Rams defense that includes pro bowl corner back, Jalen Ramsey. This week against the Falcons who allowed Wilson to throw for 322 yards and drop 4 TDs I would expect the Cowboys offense to have field day.

  • Parris Campbell (IND Colts): It was Parris Campbell (6/71/0 on 9 targets) who was Phillip Rivers favorite target week 1 and not veteran TY Hilton (4/53/0 on 9 targets). Campbell plays the same role for the Colts that Keenan Allen played for the Chargers making him a go to target for Rivers. A favorable matchup against a Vikings defense that got aired out by Rodgers in week 1 bodes well for Campbell and the Colts WRs.

Sit em out

  • DJ Moore (CAR Panthers): This ones an easy sit em for this week and there are two reasons why. First reason is that Teddy Bridgewater and DJ Moore will be up against a tough Buccaneers defense that shut down Drew Brees (18/30 for 160 yards and 2 tds) and Michael Thomas (3/17/0). Second reason is that DJ Moore wasn’t Teddy Bridgewater favorite target week 1, it was actually Robby Anderson who had 6 receptions fro 114 yards and 1 touchdown. DJ Moore is a must sit this week in a tough matchup.

  • DJ Chark (JAC Jaguars): Minshew Mania is back BABY! However, it seems like Chark got left behind. Out of Keelan Cole, Laviska Shenault and DJ Chark, Chark had the least amount of targets with 3 and Cole led the way with 5. I don’t expect it to stay the way but I would be wary of Chark until I see him lead the pack. Jags also play the Titans defense this week that have a solid corner back in Malcolm Butler. There are better options available than Chark this week.

  • AJ Green (CIN Bengals): AJ Green is finally back and ready to take the league by storm… it might have to wait a couple weeks. Green had a tough matchup week 1 against Casey Hayward and was held to 51 yards and no touchdown. Green has another tough matchup week 2 against Denzel Ward who ranked as a top 25 CB in 2019 according to PFF. Joe Burrow is also getting eased into the NFL and without a preseason its going to take a few weeks. I would be wary of Green this week in a tough matchup.

Tight ends

Plug em in

  • Logan Thomas (WAS Football team): Logan Thomas is this years Darren Waller. Thomas and Haskins have already developed a really promising connection. Thomas led the Washington football team in targets (8) against the Eagles week 1. He hauled in only 4 receptions but got 37 yards and 1 td from it. The promising part are the targets. Week 2 the Washington football team are up against the Cardinals who allowed the most fantasy points to opposing tight ends in 2019. With Scary Terry likely to be covered by Pro Bowl corner, Patrick Peterson, Haskins will be looking at Thomas a lot this week.

  • CJ Uzomah (CIN Bengals ): Rookie QBs love their tight ends and that was evident in the Bengals versus Chargers game last Sunday. Joe Burrow targeted Uzomah 5 times from which Uzomah hauled in 4 receptions for 45 yards against a tough Chargers defense. This week the Bengals are up against the Browns who just let up 2 TDs to Mark Andrews in week 1s matchup against the ravens. With Denzal Ward on AJ Green and Joe Mixon struggling on the ground, CJ Uzomah and Tyler Boyd are in for a big game on Thursday night.
  • Other starts: Tyler Higbee (LA Rams), Jared Cook (NO Saints), Eric Ebron (PIT Steelers)

Sit em out

  • Noah Fant (DEN Broncos): Noah Fant was the only viable fantasy starter for the Broncos since Courtland Sutton did not play week 1. Fant flourished catching 5 passes from 6 targets for 81 yards and 1 touchdown. For a relatively new QB like Drew Lock, a tight end can really be a quarterbacks best friend. I would expect this connection to struggle however in week twos matchup against the Steelers who shut down Evan Engram to 2.90 fantasy points and ranked 5h in 2019 against TEs. If Sutton is able to suit up this week expect Fants numbers to drop even more.

  • Rob Gronkowski (TB Bucs): Gronkowski has been on our do not draft list since the Bucs added him. Once again this week, he isn’t someone you should start. OJ Howard led all tight ends for the Bucs in targets and receptions. Howard also got looked at in the red zone. Gronk on the other hand did not get a single red zone target. The Panthers defense was surprisingly tough on Darren Waller last week and held him to 45 yards and 0 TDs. I just don’t like Gronk as a fantasy viable TE this year.
  • Other Sits: Hayden Hurst (ATL Falcons), Chris Herndon (NY Jets), Jack Doyle (MIN Vikings)


Plug em in

  • Rams D/ST: Rams are up against a weak Eagles offense that is missing 3 starting offensive linemen and let the Washington defensive line sack Carson Wentz 8 times week 1! Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd are going to eat this week. Also the Rams Secondary led by Jalen Ramsey are much stronger than the Washington secondary so expect more turnovers.
  • Other Starts: Bucs D/ST, Niners D/ST, Bills D/ST

Sit em out

  • Cowboys D/ST: Matt Ryan and the Falcons aired out the Seahawks defense throwing for 450 yards during week 1. Cowboys also lost Leighton Vander Esch during week 1s loss to the LA Rams. I am expecting this game to be a shootout and neither of these defenses will show up this week.
  • Other sits: Titans D/ST, Patriots D/ST, Chargers D/ST

GeekSports 2020 Quarterback Rankings

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